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Srilankan Turmeric

History Turmeric has been used in India for more than 5000 years now. Initially, it was cultivated as a dye as its’ vivid yellow color works brilliantly as a coloring agent. Then its highly developed uses came to know and people started using it for cosmetic and beautification purposes and eventually as a medicine.  Later […]

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Nuts and seeds…

  Nuts and seeds were a perfect food for our ancient hunger gatherer ancestors. Consisting of edible kernels in a hard outer shell, nuts were particularly nourishing and sustaining, providing fat, carbohydrate, protein and fiber in varying quantities depending on the species. Unlike roots and tubers, which required digging out, they were easy to gather, […]

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Sri Lankan food culture.

The culture differs from country to country. In Sri Lanka, there is unique culture and civilization inherited from the past. It is also important to mention that the country has an unique food culture with a long history. The historical writings and archeological sources provide witnesses for this. Among these writings and sources, Mahawansa, Rasavahini, […]

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